• Favorite book: The Alchemist
  • Pets: Frieda, a rescue Doberman (my third)
  • Favorite place in CO: Cheesman Park & The Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Why acupuncture: Because it could be the missing piece in your life…relaxation, balance, release, connection with self & body…and you deserve to live the best version of your life.
  • Fun Fact: In 2003, I walked from the Indian Ocean to Lake Victoria with 5 other women tracing the route Henry Morton Stanley took to find the source of the Nile River and was given a chicken as a thank you gift for donating money to a school we camped at.

Vanessa’s journey to acupuncture was sparked by a time of great transition and its accompanying health concerns: migraines, depression, and anxiety. Her intuition led her to Reiki and Healing Touch, which then led her to acupuncture. She was surprised to discover that the 2,000+ year old medicine was aligned with her approach to illness and disease.

Acupuncture so dramatically changed her life and health, she knew that being an acupuncturist and healer was the life path she had been searching for.

Vanessa uses an intuitive approach, incorporating her knowledge of the chakra system, psychology, and energy healing into her treatments. She is drawn to treating mental health issues, trauma, women’s health, stress, and pain; helping people through transitions; and assisting people to find balance and heal naturally.

Vanessa is a licensed acupuncturist in Colorado and a nationally board certified Diplomat of Oriental Medicine by the NCCAOM. She graduated from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin, Texas in 2012 and studied with Mikio Sankey in Advanced Esoteric Acupuncture.

A Marine Corps veteran and yoga teacher for Comeback Yoga, she teaches at the veteran community class at Kindness Yoga on Platte St and VFW Post 1, providing trauma informed yoga to veterans and their family & friends.

Vanessa's Schedule
Monday 3:00pm - 7:00pm Platte Street
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