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Working with Vanessa has been instrumental in managing my depression and anxiety. Since starting treatments a few months ago, I have so much more energy, motivation, and feel like myself again. Vanessa's expertise in the unique style of esoteric acupuncture is truly a gift and hard to find elsewhere. Even if you're terrified of needles like me, she will make you feel grounded and calm. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to work with her!

Vanessa has helped me in so many ways. She offers a comprehensive and intuitive approach to everything from injury recovery to emotional grounding.  She considers what is going on with the whole person: physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically, as a guide to each appointment. She has a gentle technique and is patient with the process. I really enjoy that she offers more than acupuncture- recommending herbs, oils, and rituals for additional healing outside of her practice. I would highly recommend Vanessa for anyone.

In my experience, a healthy lifestyle is one that looks at the solution to being the best one can be as a spectrum of weekly and monthly rituals. Rituals are something that I define as mindful habits. They are activities that raise awareness of who you are. In this same vein, we added community Acupuncture so that our teachers and students would have an affordable and powerful way to create a ritual around how one cares for their health. We know how powerful a regular yoga practice is by itself. I have found over the years that when combined with Acupuncture it represents a very potent life performance hack that is more efficacious than either by themselves.

Acupuncture is by far the most valuable hour of my week. Having the space to check in with myself has been incredibly helpful for my physical and mental health. With Vanessa's guidance, I am truly able to reflect and reset. I am grateful for her insights and the care she dedicates to helping me heal. She's the best.

As a yoga teacher, I simply can't show up for my students if I don't prioritize my well-being. The amazing thing about acupuncture is that it can support on any and every level. Whether I go in for knee pain or because I'm feeling grouchy, it helps.

I started acupuncture to heal sore forearms from my yoga practice. I was so pleased with the results that acupuncture became a regular part of my self-care regimen. I love how it keeps me in tune with my body and provides an impactful modality to tend to my body's needs - from sniffles to aches.


[Acupuncturist] Vanessa is not only an incredible acupuncturist, but an amazing, loving human. Working with her has helped me balance my emotional life and feel more grounded as a person.

Acupuncture has helped me to see that taking care of myself doesn't mean waiting until I am in pain to look for healing. Taking care of myself means creating routines and practices that nourish my body so that less and less pain surfaces over time.