Acupuncture Corner: November

November: take stock and nourish!

by Shannon Stevens, LAc

Join us at the end of each month for seasonal acupuncture tips and tricks to assist in a more vital and healthy life! This effective and accessible modality is a perfect complement to your yoga practice. Each month you can expect a Wellness Tip and a featured acupuncture point on the body.

November Wellness Tip: As we enter the thick of autumn, there is contraction of energy within the body as we prepare for the inward driven Yin of winter. With this energetic contraction your taste in food should change from the light fare of summer to the heartier veggies of harvest. This is the optimal time to add soups and red meats to your diet for their deeply warming and nourishing components.

In oriental medicine, Autumn is the season of the lung and large intestine – both organs are involved in the exchange of taking in what is needed and expelling out what is not. During this time of year, it’s important to assess where there is unhealthy attachment holding us back, as compared to what we willingly make commitment to. By quieting down and taking stock, looking for what nourishes us, and letting go of the rest, we may set ourselves up with a strong foundation necessary for expansion, which ultimately leads to growth!

November Acupuncture Point: Lung 9 – Taiyuan or “The Great Abyss:” This point is located on the palm side of the wrist just below the wrist crease, and on the thumb side of the crease. If you put your finger there and flex your wrist, your finger should fall into a nice little nook that is Lung 9. This source is an endless source of life affirming energy – press this point for colds or coughs, asthma, or chest congestion. It also nurtures and supports us during times of loss or grief.