Acupuncture Corner: December

December: Slow down and ease anxiety

by Vanessa Mahoney, LAc

December Wellness Tip: December begins the transition from Autumn to Winter; the most yin time of the year is associated with the element of water and your kidney and bladder organs. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are considered the root of life and the foundation of all yin and yang qualities in the body. The kidneys are associated with will, fear and wisdom. The inward drawing in of energy during winter provides time to slow down, meditate, and reflect on the year. This winding down allows us to gain wisdom and perspective to enrich our vision of the approaching new year. You can nourish the energy of the kidneys by getting plenty of sleep, staying warm and hydrated, and eating hearty food (soups and stews, root vegetables, and salty foods). With the potential stresses and anxiety of the holiday season, use our acupuncture point of the month to ease fears, nervousness and anxiety.

December Acupuncture Point: Heart 7 – Shen Men or “Spirit Gate.” Press this point to calm the spirit and ease irritability, anxiety, worry, fear, nervousness, and insomnia. To locate this point, face your palm up, place your finger on the pinkie side of the wrist create, and barely slide your finger toward your thumb along the wrist crease just across the first tendon.