acupuncture corner: april

April: The Swing of Spring

By Natalie Franciose, LAc

We are in the full swing of Spring – can you feel the winds of change and the erratic weather patterning? Your Liver sure does! Spring time is the season that correlates with the element Wood, the yin organ Liver, and its yang counterpart, Gallbladder. During this transitional season of Spring, we are moving from the cold contraction of winter into the active expansion of summer energy. We may be feeling and seeing a lot of changes not only in the elements but within ourselves.

April Wellness Tip: Take the time you need to shift to what feels balanced in you. The energy of Liver governs discernment and planning while its counterpart Gallbladder helps us to carry out that plan – to step into action. I invite you to blossom inside yourself just as the buds on the trees are doing and move through the adversity of challenges so that you may grow into your potential. Step into choice with courage and clarity. Liver and Gallbladder are also in charge of sinews and tendons. This season, be mindful to limber up (perhaps with yoga!) to prevent injury and nourish the body. Eat plenty of organic vegetables full of vitamins and minerals, and make sure to drink some mint or dandelion tea that soothes and calms our hard working liver.

April Acupuncture Point: Gallbladder (GB 40, Qiu Xu (mound of ruins). This point is located in the ankle join in the depression in front of and below the ankle bone. Draw a right angle and you will find the soft spot. This point is where the original energy pools and is effective at dissipating pathogens. GB-40 functions to spread energy, moving that “stuck” or achy sensation, clearing irritability, and decreasing pain in the body (particularly regions of the neck, hips, and legs). It can alleviate one-sided headaches, help with visual issues, and benefit the joints. Emotionally, this point can give us courage – an extra boost to make a decision, especially when fear and indecision are at play. Press on this point to give yourself or a friend a little support.